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You may have already developed your corporate travel and expense policies, but how do you ensure your travelers understand and follow them?

Sometimes they don’t know about the policy or perhaps you don’t receive feedback when it isn’t quite right. Then your people may be driven to find their own solutions where you lose the benefits of them following policy. This could lead to overspending, reduced ability to maintain safety and security levels for your employees and lower satisfaction rates.

We’ll help you avoid all of that with a comprehensive employee engagement solution.




Engage your employees in the right way and you can bring savings of up to 15%.

Educating travelers and business leaders about the financial impact of the decisions they take.

Engage them in the right way on platforms that are relevant to them.

Empower them to make better decisions with smarter information.


At CWT Solutions Group, we support you in three stages.


The first is understanding our audience – your travelers. We segment them according to a range of factors like seniority, age, gender and so on, then analyze their behavior. That enables us to identify where saving can be made.

Education and engagement come next. It’s about creating relevant communication plans, tailored for each segment. We look at return on investment for each trip, we incorporate traveler reviews and we make it interactive and engaging.

The result is always increased compliance and savings.




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See how a manufacturing firm increased traveler satisfaction, improved policy compliance and realized savings.

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Our teams across the world have both the experience and our proprietary tools to help you improve communication with your travelers, increase traveler compliance and reduce overall travel costs.


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