CWT Travel Consolidator

Transform your T&E Program

Having the complete visibility not only on travel spend but also on expense makes a world of difference in how you create engaging, efficient and cost effective journeys.

CWT Travel Consolidator 's algorithm brings travel, expense, credit card and HR data all onto the same platform.

It employs an approach backed by a team of data scientists, and travel optimization expert to help you to:

  • Better negotiate with suppliers
  • Increase traveler compliance
  • Save money.




Identify new spending areas and opportunities for savings in both time and money.

Narrow down where your T&E spending is coming from and how much of it is off-channel.

Understand your business units & travelers travel patterns.


Enhance your negotiating power with CWT Solutions Group consultant recommendations.

Improve communication with travelers and business units on compliance.

Provide insights that help you to switch from a travel policy to a mobility policy.


Keep T&E budget and spend under control.

Easily measure the success of your actions.

Plan for future budgets.





By blending
people and technology,
CWT Travel Consolidator
transforms your T&E program

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Turn data into travel management actions

CWT Solutions Group  can conduct a strategic assessment of your travel program with customized reporting and ad hoc analysis to help:

  • Identify travel spend leakage
  • Better negotiate with existing and new suppliers
  • Uncover savings
  • Achieve T&E budget goals.
  • Transform T&E policy management with essential data insights