CWT Travel Consolidator

Uncover the true cost of a trip


Feel like you’re not getting the full picture of your business travel and expenses?

Having full visibility on your travel spend can make a world of difference to how you view your travel program. CWT Travel Consolidator brings your TMC, expense, card, and HR data, plus any other sources of spend, all onto the same platform — so you can extract value from your data.  

Powered by a team of data scientists and customized by our consultants, our solution gives you the insights you need to negotiate better deals with suppliers, ensure traveler compliance, and save an average of 2-7% on your travel spend.



See how CWT Travel Consolidator uncovers 100% T&E spend visibility for a global financial services company.

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Global visibility makes it easy to identify new spending areas and opportunities to save both time and money.

CWT Travel Consolidator enables you to see the total cost of a trip by putting all your travel and expenses data in one place.

Our tool lets you make sense of your data, so you can see exactly where your T&E spend is coming from (by company, business unit, or even by traveler), and how much of it is off-channel.

Our consultants help you strategically assess your data through customized reports, to identify where spend is occurring outside of your travel program, identify spend and save areas, and help you meet budget goals.


Once you have the full picture of your travel spend, our solution helps you enhance your negotiating power with frequently-used suppliers, as well as communicate better with your business units and travelers so they make better choices to comply with your travel policy.

You’ll have access to the insights you need to improve your travel policy and find all the ways you could be saving more money.

By drilling down to the smallest details, you’ll uncover valuable evidence for decision-making.


Keep track of the KPIs that matter most to you for keeping your budget under control.

With CWT Travel Consolidator’s advanced dashboards, you can easily measure the success of your actions and plan for future budgets.

As you amass data, you can establish a foundation for identifying trends and benchmarking over time.




By blending
people and technology,
CWT Travel Consolidator
transforms your T&E program

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Turn data into travel management actions

CWT Solutions Group  can conduct a strategic assessment of your travel program with customized reporting and ad hoc analysis to help:

  • Identify travel spend leakage
  • Better negotiate with existing and new suppliers
  • Uncover savings
  • Achieve T&E budget goals.
  • Transform T&E policy management with essential data insights