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Business requirements, employees’ personal and professional needs, and the travel industry as a whole, are all constantly evolving. And the speed of change is increasing.

How do you know what to pay attention to and what to ignore? How do you balance what your travelers are asking for and what is going to make sense commercially?

Together we can make sure the investments you make now build for tomorrow’s needs. For example, we can show you how the sharing economy is changing the corporate travel industry and help you predict its impact on your organization, for example. It’s all about planning, about ensuring your travelers remain mobile and agile, adapting to whatever the future throws at you. 





The travel industry and technology are always evolving. And your organization never sits still.


Do you have the right balance of contracts or do you need a more creative panel?


How can you clearly align new elements to your meet company’s strategic goals?


CWT Solutions Group knows how to put you in the right place to react quickly and accurately to every change.

For example, we can help you with planning a location transition and integrating the sharing economy into your policy.  As well as review your internal travel management structure.

We can help you achieve organizational efficiency and exploit the latest technologies to their full potential. 

Ultimately, it’s about being as efficient as possible, minimizing cost and understanding your travelers’ changing needs.






See how an international non-profit organization improved its outdated travel policy.


CWT Solutions Group has 160 consultants in 12 hubs around the world. We’re there for you wherever you need us.


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