Last Room
Availability rates

The difference between perceived and actual value

Are you among those who lose up to 5% of your preferred hotel spend each year by not negotiating your hotel rates properly?


July, 2017

Learn more about the misperception of Last Room Availability rates (LRA)*

Did you know that:

  • 44 % of hotels charge a premium for including an LRA clause?
  • There is a 12 % chance that the traveler will not be able to stay at their contracted rate - even with an LRA rate?
  • There’s a 5 % gap between the perceived and actual value of Last Room Availability rates?

Download the full paper to find out how you should approach LRAs


CWT Solutions Group has drawn up some questions travel managers should ask as they prepare for the hotel negotiation period.

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* Last Room Availability (LRA)

When companies have negotiated Last Room Availability (LRA) rates, which are often higher than Non Last Room Availability (NLRA) rates, they have the right to buy a room at their contracted terms and prices even if the hotel only has one room left in that category.

For companies without a negotiated LRA clause, and only Non Last Room Available rates, it’s at the discretion of the hotel as to what price they sell the last rooms.