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CWT Solutions Group’s experienced consultants will guide you on how to drive more value through using the right processes, uncovering savings opportunities,  and improving your travelers’ experience.

We’re part of a market-leading travel company – CWT. This gives us access to a huge range of learnings and best practices and enables our global reach. We’re here to help organizations whether they’re clients of CWT or use another travel provider.


Virtual part of your team

In our consulting capacity, we work as a virtual part of your team. We get to understand your strategic goals, clarify where you are today and work with you to bridge that gap. And when necessary we can even supply people to be embedded in your organization to help deliver what you need.

Take advantage of our experts and let’s build something great together.


Everything is always changing fast and we’re always just ahead of the changes, if not leading them. That means you, as our client, are always right up to date with how best to use the latest consumer technology, the most recent developments in data analytics and how to squeeze even more savings out of your program.

All that innovation is always backed up by our use of solid tried and tested technology that we know works and delivers.

Responsible business

Responsible business is at the core of everything CWT does, across the whole company. That means we’re ethically, socially and environmentally responsible, and we only work with partners who meet our exacting standards.

Find out how CWT brings responsible business to life inside the company.


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