Data insights

Simplifying the complex for smart decisions

The amount of data being collected in organizations is growing. And the real challenge is analyzing and actioning that data.

In fact, data driven insights form the backbone of everything CWT Solutions Group does.

It’s important because well-managed data has the power to give you actionable insights to meet your business goals. This can drive decisions to effectively manage travel and expenses (T&E) and uncover new efficiencies. Then you can begin to accurately predict where T&E is going for your company.



Data Consolidation

Consolidating data involves the three Vs: the wide variety of data sources, the sheer volume and the velocity of data development.





Advanced Analytics

Next comes analysis. This is where you can build that holistic picture, to see exactly how your travel and expense money is being spent.





Insight for action

It’s no good doing all that work without the final stage: using the business intelligence you’ve gathered to take action and make informed decisions. There are always opportunities to be more efficient and to improve the traveler experience.



Optimizing travel & expense data

CWT Solutions Group
is constantly finding new ways to exploit data. A good example is our use of predictive analysis.

We can help you identify spend patterns and problem areas which may not have been visible before.

You can benefit from our sophisticated model that mines your data called the T&E Decision Tree.

Through this model we are able to create action plans from these insights. You then make the relevant changes and watch the results go your way.

Want to learn more?

T&E Decision Tree whitepaper





See how a global leader in marketing communications consolidated data from 17 countries from many agencies in multiple currencies.

Our data team is made up of the very best travel data specialists, working with business intelligence specialists and business consultants.

We have two roles that are unique to the business travel industry.

Our data scientists sit in the back office, building the platforms and algorithms needed to mine and analyze your data.

And our dedicated business insight consultants are dedicated to clients bringing both analysis and unique consulting expertise.

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